Flightradar24 is a great opportunity for tracking flights in real time. Each day, thousands of aeroplanes take to the world’s skies. Airfares are significantly lower than they used to be, so many people can now travel cheaply by plane. Correspondingly, the number of aircraft movements is also strongly increasing: reason enough to get an overview of the scale of flight traffic. You can do this easily with the help of flightradar24. You can use it not only to get a complete picture of the extent of air traffic, but also to track each individual flight.

This is of course particularly interesting when friends or relatives are travelling and you want to follow the route of their flight, live. The live flight map is also helpful if you want to collect someone from the airport. It enables you to track the flight in real time and better estimate what time you should leave for the airport. In this way you can avoid unnecessary waiting times at the airport if there are delays.

Which flights can be tracked?

Almost all flights can be tracked online in real time. The interactive map of flightradar24 represents each flight as a small aeroplane symbol. By clicking on the respective aeroplane, you can retrieve detailed information about that flight. With live flight radar, you can determine where an aeroplane is currently located at any point in time, and in what direction it is flying. If the pilots decide to avoid an area of bad weather by flying round it, any user can see it happen virtually.

There are only a few flights that cannot be tracked online. Most, but not all, modern commercial aircraft are equipped with an ADS-B transmitter which send signals to receivers on the ground. However, it is the case that there are some civil aeroplanes which cannot be monitored online. In addition, very few military aeroplanes have this transmitter, so in most cases is it is not possible to track military machines.

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How do you track a flight online?

You can simply use flightradar24 via the map displayed above. This map is interactive and can be dragged in any direction. It’s also easy to increase or decrease your view by zooming in or out. This means that you can see any region in the world by scrolling and zooming to it. Including, needless to say, the flight traffic there.

You can, of course, select a specific aeroplane as well as a specific region. You can highlight the respective flight and track it virtually. It’s very easy to highlight the flight you want to keep an eye on: simply click on the aeroplane symbol for that flight. You will then see not just the flight’s location, but also additional information about the plane. Further information is also included, such as the airline, the planned and actual take-off and landing times, and the departure and destination airports. Both the route already covered and the predicted further route are shown on the map. Routes are subject to change at any time, due to a storm, for example. You can see the exact path of a flight route when you track it.

Summary of flightradar24

In summary, it’s safe to say that there are all sorts of different reasons for tracking flights. Some users want to make sure that friends, family or partners reach their destinations safely. Others use a plane radar simply out of interest in aeroplanes and air traffic. Whatever your motivation, it’s always exciting to track a flight. As the interactive map provides so much information, it’s enormous fun to watch flights in real time. The graphic representation can be understood by anyone, and flightradar24 is easy and intuitive to use.

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