Flightradar24 is an internet-based service that provides real-time information on global air traffic. The core of the service is an interactive world map on which the positions of commercial aircraft are displayed. These are aircraft equipped with an ADS-B transmitter. These transmitters send position data and other information directly from the aircraft. ADS-B receivers on the ground collect the transmitted data and transmit it via the Internet to Flightradar24. There the data is processed and visually processed so that the flights can be called up on the Internet.

Flightradar24 is an optimal way for users to follow flights in real time. The majority of aircraft currently in the air can be easily monitored online. Of course, take-off and landing can also be tracked. This service is available worldwide and can therefore also be used conveniently on holiday or while travelling. Best of all, the basic version is completely free. The offer of Flightradar24 is thus to everyone at the disposal. If one is not completely uninterested, everyone should make itself a picture of the air traffic once. Many persons are surprised by the quantity of airplanes, which are at the same time in the air. Whether one would like to have now a total overview of the air traffic or looks for purposefully information to an individual flight – Flightradar24 offers itself in both respects particularly.

What can Flightradar24 be used for?

The use of Flightradar24 is suitable in many situations and for various reasons. Users often want to find out about certain flights and their positions when family members, friends or acquaintances are on board. The interactive map shows exactly where the aircraft is currently located and when it will roughly reach its destination. Flightradar24 can also be accessed if you have to pick someone up at the airport. Possible delays of the flight, for example caused by flying around a storm area, can be detected. Before you spend an unexpected amount of time waiting at the airport, you should inform yourself about the flight radar.

Flightradar24 is not only interesting for users who know people on board a flight or want to pick them up. All in all, the service is ideal if you want to visualize how many aircraft are moving in the sky. At a time when climate change is a very important issue and there are repeated calls to curb air traffic, it is worth taking a look at the interactive map. The dimensions of air traffic are enormous and can be easily accessed online.

Aviation enthusiasts use Flightradar24, among other things, to pursue the hobby of plan spotting. This means observing and photographing airplanes – but not on the Internet, but on location at airports. Often the aim of the so-called planespotter is to photograph aircraft during take-off or landing. It is important for many plane-spotters to photograph as many different planes as possible over time. Flightradar24 can be used optimally for this hobby. Since a lot of information about the flights can be called up via the interactive map, the data from planespots are used to see and photograph certain aircraft. Thus, if an aircraft that has not yet been photographed lands at a nearby airport as scheduled, Flightradar24 is a wonderful solution. Here you can follow the flight live and get information about the landing time, so that you can make your way to the airport in time and pursue your hobby.

Information about flights worldwide

Beside the current positions of the airplanes you can get a lot more information by using the plane radar of Flightradar24. For example, the model of the aircraft, the flight number, the departure and destination airports as well as the current airspeed are provided. To access this information, simply click on the aircraft on the interactive map. Interesting data and facts about the flight are then automatically displayed.

The map section can be moved in any direction. If you want to focus on air traffic around a metropolis, e.g. New York, you can simply move the view on the map. It is also possible to zoom in and out intuitively. Thus, one always has a very simple view to the region that one wants to observe.

The online service of Flightradar24 with real-time flight data represents a real added value. It doesn’t matter whether you are hobbying with aviation and airplanes or if you see the service pragmatically in order to inform yourself at short notice: Flightradar24 offers many people a great opportunity to deal with individual flights or air traffic as a whole.