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Flightradar24 provides the optimal solution for tracking flights online in real time. Almost all commercial flights that are en route, or in the process of taking off or landing can be followed live. As the name already suggests, the flightradar24 service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Users seeking information regarding a specific flight can access the data of flightradar24 at any time of the day. Everyone should try out the options flight radar has to offer by looking up a specific flight number. It will allow you to easily call up the flight route, the current location of the aircraft and the updated time of arrival at the respective destination. With flightradar24, this information and even more details can be viewed for almost any flight.

Air traffic information provided by flightradar24

Flightradar24.com is a service provided to people who seek information regarding a specific flight or are simply interested in tracking air traffic online. Up-to-date information on almost any aircraft can be called up and viewed. This is for example useful if a family member or friend is about to board or already on board of an aircraft. Flights can be followed online to verify that they arrive safely at their destination. However, flight tracking is also fascinating for many other reasons. Flight radar also provides interesting information about the current state of air traffic in your city or area or any other areas of interest.

flightradar24 is easy to use. All you need to follow a flight is an internet connection and an end device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. The flight radar can be started up conveniently using any common browser. Following flights on flightradar24 is simple and convenient. By means of an interactive map, users simply select the region they would like to observe. Zoom into the selected region to see more details. By clicking on one of the aircraft symbols on the map, the relevant flight is selected. Additional details regarding the flight then appear, e.g. the current flight altitude or the departure or destination airport. There is one minor restriction to be taken into account: Flightradar24 only displays aircraft that are currently en route or are in the process of taking off or landing. As soon as an aircraft has landed, it will be deleted from the map after a short period of time.

If flightradar24 showed all aircraft currently parked at the airport, the displayed map would be overcrowded with aircraft symbols. Displaying so many aircraft in such a small area like an airport would make the map too confusing. It would be much harder for users to find and identify the flights they are searching. Even if airlines such as easyjet have very quick turnarounds at airports, the aircraft will already disappear from the radar shortly after landing. As soon as the aircraft are back en route, they reappear on the world map with a new aircraft symbol and of course with the newly updated flight number. From that moment, all data related to the new flight connection can be accessed.


Global air traffic on flightradar24

Even the sheer number of flights shown on a relatively small section of the flightradar24 map is often quite impressive. Just by looking up the air traffic in France, for example, one discovers countless flights in the air at that particular instant. And the aircraft are heading in all possible directions. Due to such a large number of aircraft movements displayed on the map, it may initially seem to be quite challenging to keep track. However, flightradar24 helps users to quickly gain a sense of orientation, for example by using differently sized icons for different aircraft types. The larger the aircraft operating the flight, the larger the aircraft symbol on the world radar map. A large commercial airliner is displayed with a significantly larger symbol than a small private aircraft.

The further you zoom out of the map, the more aircraft are shown as the section of the map is expanded accordingly. Once an expansive area is shown, for example a whole continent such as North America, countless aircraft will be displayed. Each of the icons slowly moves on, and one can easily lose sight of it. This is hardly surprising in view of the fact that flightradar24 displays all three – short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul flights. Even the little private aircraft operated by hobby pilots are shown on the radar map once they take off.

Once you zoom out of the map very far to have a glance at the air traffic of a very large region, it becomes apparent that there are highly frequented routes. At the same time, one realises that in some regions of this world, there is hardly any air traffic. Air traffic over North America, for example, is very highly developed, while there are hardly any flights over the countries in Central Africa. With flightradar24, this imbalance is easy to catch.

Though nowadays, some regions are hardly affected by air traffic, there is reason to expect this to be different in future. All projections demonstrate the same tendency and point to a considerable increase in global air traffic. Regions that are currently hardly affected by air traffic will clearly record a substantial increase in the number of flights in future which will then be shown on flightradar24.

Flightradar24: Why do sessions time out?

Many Internet users are already familiar with the service of flightradar24, and due to its great functionality, it has become very popular among them. All day long, a great number of visitors access the service at the same time. Therefore, very high server capacities are required. As a result, the sessions time out after approximately 30 minutes. This means that the service is interrupted. This interruption is necessary in order to reallocate capacities to active users and away from users running the website in the background only. Once the has session timed out, users can simply reload the website to follow flights again.

Flightradar24 is a great online service which has been gaining popularity for a reason. As already described above, interesting data can be called up for practically any flight. Users may reassure themselves that family members or friends who are travelling on an aircraft safely reach their destinations. For many, it is also interesting to take a look at the flightradar24 map even if they don’t want to follow a specific flight. It gives users an idea of the impact air traffic has on the world by nowadays. According to current projections, even more aircraft will be en route in future. Thanks to flight-radar.org, you will be able to track this gradual increase of air traffic.

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