Not all that long ago, it was only possible for a few people to track a flight from the ground. Air traffic controllers were the only civilians who had access to the plane radar. Today, the situation has changed completely thanks to technological developments, and now it is perfectly easy for anyone to track flights. You can do it online for free in real time. With only a few exceptions, almost all civil flights are displayed in the interactive map. The situation is somewhat different for military aircraft: it’s only possible to track military flights in a few, rare cases.

Monitor flights online with the plane radar

In recent years, air traffic has developed enormously. Aeroplanes have become ever more significant as a means of travel. Accordingly, there are many machines in the air, and the number is always growing. Long-distance travel is very much in vogue, and many travellers even rely on flying for short city breaks at the weekend. The scale of current air traffic can be tracked wonderfully on the plane radar.

However, the interactive flight tracker is not just good for getting an overview of the traffic in the sky. It can also be used to track a specific flight. This is particularly useful if you want to make sure that someone who is travelling has reached their destination safely. If they were supposed to call when they landed, but didn’t, you can use the plane radar to easily check whether their airplane is still in the air. If the flight takes longer than anticipated, it might be the case that the pilot had to avoid the area of a storm. The altered flight route is easy to follow on the map.

You can also track flights with the plane radar if you are planning on picking someone up from the airport. As has already been mentioned, delays are always possible, even when travelling by air. Before you head to the airport for the planned landing time, you can use the flight tracker and check whether the flight is on time or will land late. In this way, you can avoid long waiting times at the airport.

Track flights for free

Do you want to track a flight online? It’s very easy. At the top of this page you will find Flight Radar, on which almost all flights taking place right now are shown in real time. Using the interactive map, you can find the flight you want to monitor. In addition, if you want, you can find out lots of interesting information about that flight.

The plane radar presents a great technical opportunity to track flights online and in real time. You might think that you’d have to pay for this service. But that is not the case: tracking flights on our website is completely free. You do not need to buy or install any software. You can track flights easily and directly using the interactive map. It only takes a few clicks to select the desired flight or region which you want to monitor.